A highly acclaimed and sought after muralist and art director, Perego has completed large scale projects for companies such as Walt Disney World, Cirque Du Soleil, Harley Davidson, BET, Univision, Universal Studios, Marriott, and many more. Inspired by classical, modern, pop, and abstract art, and equipped with an extraordinary ability to use diverse techniques and styles as if they were colors on his palette, Perego’s fine art subjects range from mythical to prophetic, often surrealist in nature.

The boundaries blur as Perego, paint, music, lights and the dynamic movement seem to become one. Out of apparent chaos the picture becomes clear. Transfixed, guests see the art come to life. Finishing, he asks that two members of the audience come to the stage. Astonished, they are asked to pour paint down Perego's hair. The whole room erupts in applause of approval, he slams his hair against the canvas signing his painting in his legendary fashion. The performance may be over but the message has just begun.

 “I do the craziest things to get their attention and then I remind them, that they are part of this, it's not about me on the stage, or just them in the audience, it's about us, all of us. We are all creating this world together. People think I’m an art teacher, I’m more of an art preacher.”

His performance art often goes beyond just paint on canvas and includes projection, dance and magical illusion. “We are all artists and celebrate our radical differences that exist within our oneness. Art is for everyone, it changes your life and right now, what the world needs most is positive, healing, inspirational Art."


International contemporary artist and his quest for passion, “to master the meaning of expression”

Born in Holland and described as a psychedelic enigma where he lives in Melbourne Australia through the art of expressionism. “The art of giving life on canvas to new souls as they speak to me, and the public, for the first time.” From his earlier days in Holland where he used to pay a sitting fee to beggars, fishermen, children and the elderly with their etched faces dramatically portraying their lives experiences inspired by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Brett Whitely and Claude Monet. 

In this footnote he would say “This is my journey as an artist, to show what I have to offer and one day leave behind. Not to have lived in vain. Most people are not with me, they can not see and underestimate me greatly. But the few believers who watch me are in agreement, I am just beginning!” - The Artist/ Philippe de Kraan

With over 400 original works available De Kraan is a master in the making. This talented unique artist remains prolific with his style of impressionism and expressionism. As seen though de Kraans’ eyes it becomes a study of the soul. 


My journey with clay has transported me on a life-long adventure, expanding through the past 4 decades, and deepening.
Born and raised in Manhattan I have studied at many studios: Parsons School of Design, Earthworks, and Greenwich House where I have been a member off and on for 40 years.
I started out as a thrower and then found my true expression in hand building.

My dear friend Claudia Mohr refers to my trees as the lost art of Faux Bois which I never thought of but to my surprise It is the best description of my work.
My trees were inspired on a trip to Sebastopol Calif. While looking out the passenger window on the drive north. I was taken aback by the gnarly majestic and animated trees as I passed. Upon returning to Manhattan I dived into my own interpretation of these overwhelming beauties that grace our forests and fields.
My work has grown into other organic vegetation as well.

I have exhibited my trees in several shows:
Branches, Brambles & Roots June 25th to July 31st 2016
Mills Pond Gallery June 18th to July 20th, 2016
Greenwich House Pottery May 20th to June 10th, 2016 (Winner of the Anna Siouk Award) 


Ana Iakobashvili was born September, 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  She was raised in an artist family and was surrounded by art and creativity since childhood, which would later have a great impact on her own career.  

After successfully graduating from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, her experience as an artist was enriched with various interesting projects, such as: painting and stage design for film and theater, Being a costume designer for movies, actor, puppet character designer. However, Ana's main profession is still easel painting. 

During the years spent in painting, animations, theatre, movies and monumental art, Ana developed her own diverse creative approach and style. The concept of her early paintings stood for finding spiritual peace. For the artist, spirituality corresponds to the immortal energy that does not disappear, and this is what makes people worship it in the most diverse forms of expression, from painting, poetry to music.  Ana's paintings were introduced to art lovers all around the world. She deepened the process of searching and she used her art and experience to get by.


Paulie Nassar is a born and raised NYC artist. His art is a reflection of his upbringing and his travels around the world. He seamlessly meshes street art with his fine art training to create original works that speak to lovers of Graff art as well as the classically trained palate. His love of art and seeing the struggles of the graffiti community lead him to co-found a non profit that provides guidance to at risk persons with an artistic soul. Through his art he encourages others to follow his motto, “If you love it do it everyday.”


Brooklyn born digital artist Alex M. Wolff got his first camera, a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic in 1965, and has since created images in   37 countries and 27 states, above and below the waterline, on film and in digital cameras.  Inspiration comes from nature, the art community and the color wheel. As a photographer, Wolff feels he captures the moments that most people pass by without noticing, It is his hope to share the beauty and wonder that can set an instant glimpse in the permanence of digital display art in the various medias available from the past and continuing into the future.  Wolff is sought after not only for his fine art collectible images but also for a wide range of photo services that help his clients in their pursuit of business and personal success. 


ClickTeeth is a fine art studio that was started while on a sabbatical of sorts where J was in the early stages of reclaiming his intimacy and better understanding what that intimacy was. ClickTeeth focuses on the exploration of intimacy through erotica, illustration, surrealism, and design.